Children of the Rainbow Flag


 If you are feeling something different in the air , it’s not just your imagination! We are in the process of beginning a new and unique program that will change the lives of so many teenagers nationwide, and we’re more than excited about it!

We call it: “Children of the Rainbow Flag”

Friends Across The  Line, Inc. and Gay affirming Churches have joined forces in order to make manifest a shared vision.

For the past few months, a pilot program has been instituted …on behalf of Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transexual/Questioning/Intersexed (LGBTQI) teenagers in foster care. Utilizing the foster care system to place these teens into a home with accepting, welcoming members of Gay affriming churches and others for forward thinking individuals. So many LGBTQI teens become foster children simply because of who they are.

As a loving group, we  will STAND ON THE SIDE OF LOVE and provide a safe, welcoming, positive environment for teens who are in need. So many teens have experienced toxic environments that result in drug use, homelessness, prison or worse.  It’s up to us to show them a different world and that it truly does get better.

The process begins with a two day class with McKinley Foster Care, a nationwide foster care agency. This will include a First Aid/CPR class, fingerprinting and a home inspection. This would be coordinated by Social Justice Committees.

It is our dream to share our program with other Gay affirming churches state , as well as nationwide.

To have the opportunity to share our values as loving individuals by providing LGBTQI teenagers the opportunity to grow up and thrive in a heathy environment, pursue their education and the opportunity to just be teenagers.

Friends Across The Line (FatL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit working as a peace, and community building organization.  You can find more info about FatL HERE

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